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COMING SOON PC GAMES2012 is fast approaching, the countdown starts to say goodbye to the 2011 games that have gone viral. PC games 2012 are much anticipated, people are excited to see what€™s in store for them. Gamers are expecting that 2012 will be a lot more fun and thrilling in the gaming world. Before we welcome the pc games 2012, we will have a reflection first of the Top 3 computer games of this year.THE ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIMSkyrim sounds like a weird name, but it actually makes sense within the world of Elder Scrolls. It's the name of the region just north of Cyrodiil, where The Elder Scrolls IV was set, within the fictional life of Tamriel. If this description was a little too nerdy for everyone, then so should it be, but that is where it came from. It had been precisely the same deal with the 3rd Elder Scrolls game, called Morrowind, which sits just to the east of both Skyrim and Cyrodiil. With that more convenience, it's incredibly exciting to think about how much the studio that built Oblivion, a role-playing game that defined an era, will happen on top of next.MASS EFFECT 3The Mass Effect series is possibly one of the best sci-fi experienced in the recent years. That is certainly over television, movies, books - take your pick, BioWare's role-playing franchise has it beat. Even though the first certainly had intricacies, Mass Effect 2 is set in every sense the pinnacle of contemporary role-playing game design. A vivid cast of characters, accessible and fun gameplay, and an epic scale combine to create one of the most enthralling journeys within the times.With Mass Effect 3 the plot continues, and ideally in a way that tops including the masterwork which is Mass Effect 2. At this point the war has returned in the world, although a lot of questions still remain about how the overall game will continue to work, what BioWare's will keep the same, and what will change, we consider Mass Effect 3 being the new Return of the Jedi. We simply cannot wait the PC games 2012 it can release.RAGEThis software was out for much too long now. Unless we're counting Quake Live and various iPhone titles, it has been an absurd amount of time between major releases coming from the studio that blasted the first-person shooter genre into popular recognition. With RAGE, we get several things we might stop being used to in id things. First, there exists a story that doesn€™t simply involve a dude on Mars killing stuff or Hitler with chainguns. Second, it's not set in claustrophobic passages. Third, it's not solely about shooting stuff (although mostly it is).These are the top 3 gamesthat people love this year, hopefully pc games 2012 can give more. There are lots of companies that are investing more money to develop gaming technologies, so let€™s wait and see. Coming PC games