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Funniest YouTube Videos

You know these days, when you just don't feel like doing anything? When you just browse the internet aimlessly, clicking on the random websites and checking your Facebook account endlessly€ Why don€™t you enjoy some entertainment? Instead of browsing for funny videos for hours, check out the funniest YouTube videos on FunniestYouTube.com! This website has a large collection of various funny videos, which will cheer you up in no time. Stop wasting hours browsing for funny videos. FunniestYouTube.com contains only the funniest video clips from YouTube. There are no fake accidents, staged pranks or pointless music videos, just pure funny videos, sorted in different categories. So if you want to get some fun, check out funny fails, pranks, commercials and other funny YouTube videos and laugh your ass off every day, again and again. There are more than 100 videos published, new ones are coming each day, so don€™t miss anything, check them out now!